Home Repair Grants – Can They Help You?

Home repair grants are funds paid by the government and private organizations to help individuals to bring their homes back up to safe and healthy living standards. They can assist an individual or family with the cost of upgrading and maintaining their home, and help to improve homes in impoverished areas of the country.

Home repair grants are typically only offered for repairs that are deemed necessary for day to day life. For instance, a grant might be utilized to pay for indispensable plumbing or electrical upgrades in order to keep up with City or County codes, but grant funds could not be used to paint the exterior of a home or replace kitchen counter tops with a more expensive granite. In most cases, the homeowner has to prove a need for the grant, submit estimates for the cost of repairs and provide receipts once the repairs are complete in order to qualify for the program.

In some instances, grant money is available for more immediate repair needs. These might include a broken water heater, severe leak that makes the home unlivable or poor plumbing conditions that pose an immediate safety concern. For immediate grant assistance, consumers should make contact with their local Town Hall or City Municipality building to see what is available and how to go about receiving immediate assistance. At times, non-profit agencies or local social service departments will also provide some funds to offset the costs of such urgent repair needs.

Home repair grants for less emergent needs are available through the federal government, as well as local organizations within specific communities. Some statewide grants exist, but these are rare and often difficult to find because funds are quite limited. Finding a home repair grant can be challenging, but a mortgage broker or professional Realtor might be able to help. Many are provided with a list of available grants to pass on to customers, allowing consumers to make direct contact with the grantors in order to begin the application process.

When it comes to the application process, keep in mind that grant funds are usually very limited, and it is not always easy to qualify for help. In most instances, grant funds are reserved for individuals living at or below the poverty limit, as well as those with poor credit who would not qualify for assistance through other avenues, such as a home-equity loan. At times, grants are only provided in certain neighborhoods as well, making it increasingly difficult to qualify. Still, making a phone call or filling out an application can sometimes prove useful, and it is a good idea to try if no other options are available.

Home repair grants can prove useful to individuals in need of funds to help with emergent or necessary home repairs. While the application process is sometimes difficult and qualifying can take time, these grants can go a long way toward ensuring safety and security for families in need. If you are in need of more information about these grants, contact your local City Hall or Municipality Office for further details.